how to use knee scooter

How to Use a Knee Scooter

Have you received an ankle injury or know someone who has? Provide them or yourself with one of the best gifts of technology: A Knee scooter. It’s a vehicle cum

charge a scooter battery

How to Charge Scooters without Charger

Electric batteries are used to charge electric scooters. It stores the energy used up by the components (lights, controllers, etc.) of the scooter. These electric scooter batteries are needed to

how do electric bikes work

How Do Electric Bikes Work

With the global awareness of climate change, many people are choosing alternative vehicles that are less relied on fossil fuels. Bicycles have been around us for more than centuries and

paint for bike helmet

Paint For Bike Helmets : An Easy Guide

When it comes to riding two-wheelers, a helmet is like a secondary skull you wear over your actual one to protect yourself from brain damage or other severe injuries if

Scooter vs Motorcycle

Scooter VS Motorcycle : Which One To Pick

Who doesn’t love to have a transport of their own? Well, when you have your own transport, you’ll feel self-empowered and mighty. Leave the days of requesting someone else to